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International Academy
for Quantum Therapy and Consciousness

The Academy for Conscious Awareness - for the sustainable health of soul, mind and body.


So far, the sciences rarely reflect that the only certain element for each of us human beings is the conscious thoughts in our consciousness.

Senses and perceptions can be deceiving. First comes thought, then matter.

This fact alone should inspire us to live consciously.

Due to the mostly uncontrolled use of mass media, the majority of people today have a manipulated consciousness. They are in an unconscious state and thus are no longer able to recognise truths and the distortions of the truth common in these times! This has opened a door and gateway to potential manipulation. | read more


Quantum-Medical Therapy?

It took the "discovery" of the relativity and quantum theories for isolated individuals to realise that human matter is more than what one can see and move mechanically. Quantum physicists continue to prove each day that, beyond the world of atoms, there is a world of energy particles called quanta. | read more

The Academy for Bodily Health

A European enterprise for special medical therapy equipment has been successful in developing a Quantum-Medical Therapy system. Through decades of work, they have developed a complete therapy system that provides immediate direct access to human energy levels and the consciousness fields. | read more


"It looks more and more as if the whole universe is nothing else as a single thought."

Albert Einstein

The Academy for Spiritual Health

We also take care of people who lack real information.

Illness has always been significant: people who do not go the way marked by creation get illnesses as signs and warnings. | read more


The Academy for Health and Soul

Soul - what is that?
Nobody has ever seen it, and its existence has been an issue of contention for centuries. However, it is currently experiencing quite a revival, as the soul is the reason why a human being is alive. Theologists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists - they all shy away from telling you what a soul really is; obviously, they do not know ... Or even worse: are they not telling you the truth? | read more

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